Bespoke Jewellery

We offer a bespoke service for anyone who is looking for
something different, made for their own personality.

This is quite a simple process.

Pop in-store with a bit of time, explain to the jeweller
what you are looking to have, choose the colour of the metal, choose a gem or a
diamond from our huge range of precious and semiprecious stones and between two
and three weeks your jewel will be ready. The delivery time can be much shorter
but let us know.

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Jewellery Remodelling

Don't sell your old, inherited, outdated or broken gold.
Redesign it!
We are, really, using your gold and your gemstones to redesign them into something new, but keeping the sentimental value.
Is not important what carat or what colour the gold is, we can use all of it.
Come to talk with the jeweller bring some ideas of what you would like and leave it to us to make a piece of jewellery unique and special for you.

Our Jewellery Remodelling web

Andreea from Andreeadesign Jewellery Birmingham

Jewellery Repair

In our shop/workshop we offer the service "while you wait".
In any metal like platinum, palladium or gold we can make any repair, resize or set/replace any diamond or gemstone missing.
Either bringing the jewel with you or sending it by post.
We are not middlemen, and we have the technology, the materials and the skills.

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Andreeadesign, Birmingham jewellery querter. Jewellery manufacturer

Diamond Setting School

Looking to change your job or to improve your business or your skills in the jewellery domain?
This is a course for you.
Diamond setting school is a short and intensive course designed to teach you how to set diamonds in any jewellery/watch/teeth.
Being One-to-One I focus 100% on your specific needs and no experience is needed.
At the end of the diamond setting course, you will have the necessary knowledge to create your own style and even to approach different setting methods in distinct metals.

Our Diamond Setting School web

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